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Ideas For a Cheap Fondue


We all love fondues. It is fun sitting around the fondue pot, having a fun conversation with friends while sipping a glass of good wine! So, as a way of entertaining, a fondue will always be a favorite.

Now one of the problems with a fondue is that it can work out very expensive if you are not careful. For a cheap fondue you may have to “cheat” a little. There are many easy ways to stretch the meat without your guests even noticing.

Here are a few ideas that I find very helpful if you are having a “meat” fondue:

I believe that only the very best quality of fillet is good enough for a meat fondue. Now, this is expensive so you have to be a little creative to fill up your guests without them even noticing! As long as you keep the food interesting and tasty there is quite a few things you can do to save you money!

A way I often use is to add all kinds of “cheap” cut up sausages to the fondue (as long as the “cheap” sausages are good quality sausages.) It is a good idea to serve this as a “starter” with some tasty crusty bread.

Make sure you have a good variety of bread and the correct sauces to go with the sausages you have. Please do not used ready-made sauces, make your own, your guests will taste the difference, they will appreciate the trouble you took in making the sauces. This way you fill up your guests a little without seeming “cheap!”

Now you can move on to the main course where you have the really tasty and good quality meat. Your guests will not be starving any more and will not eat half as much of the “expensive” meat as they would have if you did not serve your “starters.”

As you have already served bread with your “starters” it is not a good idea to serve bread as and accompaniment here as well. I get around this by making some kind of carbohydrate salad, such as a rice salad.

Salads that always work very well with a meat fondue are potato salad, couscous salad or a pasta salad. These salads, once again, serve as a way of filling up your guest without them noticing it.

With these “cheap” fondue ideas you will be surprised at how delicious a fondue you can have without breaking the bank.

Of course, all this depends on you having a really good fondue pot! One I really think is a winner is the Cuisinart CFO 3SS Electric Fondue Maker. Do go and have a look at it at:


By: Rika Van Aardt



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